Some of the artist we've already worked with:
Unearth (USA), The Acacia Strain (USA), Shadows Fall (USA), Memphis May Fire (USA), Callejon (GER), We Butter The Bread With Butter (GER), War Of Ages (USA), In the Midst Of Lions (USA), Texas In July (USA), Rise Of The Northstar (FRA) Silent Screams (UK), Pay No Respect (UK), Vera Cruz (FRA), Rantanplan (GER), Strength Approach (ITA), All For Nothing (NL), Blowfuse (ESP), Spinkick (DK), Eskimo Callboy (GER), To Kill Achilles (UK), Dead Dreamers (NZ), Halfpace (SWE), Raphael & Eazy Skankers (ITA), Our Final Hour (UK), Random Hand (UK), High Hopes (UK), Shoot The Girl First (FRA), Black Art (UK), Fahnenflucht (GER), Awaken Demons (ITA), Crazy and the Brains (USA), Helia (ITA), Scarred by Beauty (DK), Auburn (USA), The Dead Lay Waiting (UK), Unavoidbale (AT), Honningbarna (NOR), Above The Underground (UK), Coilguns (CH), Earthship (GER), Sisyphos (ITA), Rebel Rootz (ITA), Prehate (ITA), Give Em Blood (AT), Before The Murder (SLO), Money Boy (AT), The Doomsayer (ITA), Inarcadia (AT), Versions (ITA), Surrender The Coast (UK), World Eater (GER), All Faces Down (AT), Cooh (BUL), Limewax (UKR), Bong Ra (NL), Thrasher (NL), The Hard Way (NL), Katharsys (FRA), Divtech (USA), Decide Today (USA), Loop Stepwalker (ESP), Gancher & Ruin (RUS), Counterstrike (CZE), Bratkilla (SWE), Joe Ford (UK), The Melodyst (ITA) Neonlight (GER), Synaptic Memories (ITA), Todesstern (AT), STEREOLIEZ (ITA), AMOKKOMA (GER), Sinister Souls (NL), Lowroller (ITA), Elegy (ITA), Si-Moon (CH). Dual Vision (ITA), Elfo (ITA), Meis (ITA) …




Final Collapse Events // Bressanone, Northern Italy, Patrick Faller - Vat IT02764490211

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